Raw Material Plant

As there is no raw material supplier in Turkey for the production of Engine Bearings, for the time being we import all required raw material from abroad. For this reason we have to plan our production programs 5 or 6 months before production. As Sahin Engine Bearings Co., to shorten raw material supply period, to adapt more quickly to changes in demands and to decrease the production costs we decided to activate our own raw material plant. In these regards, in İzmir we opened our raw material plant and we started test productions. In production of engine bearings, there are two types of raw material; one of them is Steel-Aluminum (SA) and the second one is Lead-Copper (LC). In our new plant, firstly Lead Copper raw material is going to be produced, afterwards production of Steel Aluminum raw material is going to be started.


Except from this, we made many revisions in our production lines to increase the production capacity and by this way we increased the productivity.