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Our company adopts to work in accordance with the principle of sustainable development in its activities, products and services continues its activities on the basis of the international environmental management system.

The aim is to prevent environmental pollution. In order to achieve this goal, using our resources efficiently, reducing our waste and trying to spread environmental awareness are among our main goals.

Environmental impacts that may occur as a result of our activities are determined at the planning stage and control methods are established. In addition, the environmental impacts of activities such as subcontractors and visitors other than our own activities are also taken into account in this context.

As a result of the improvements made, the use of raw materials, water, electricity, paper and the amount of waste generated are reduced. Our goals are renewed every year in order to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Environmental awareness develops with a sense of individual responsibility. For this reason, environmental issues are shared with all our employees and customers.

Our environmental management system works are audited by independent audit institutions every year.

Our company has ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System certificate.

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