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Şahin Motor Bearings Ltd. started out as a workshop manufacturing thick cast engine bearings in Dolapdere, Istanbul.


  • Glacier Metal Company (GMC) with licensing and trademark agreement by steel coated  began to produce thin-walled engine bearings in Turkey.

  • Jaw bearing manufacturing was commissioned.

  • It started trial production with the first rapid production line.

  • Chrysler company in Britain through his 50,000 mile test, Turkey 'OEM' s was the first Turkish company to provide original parts.


The third mass production line was added and the second shift production was started considering the increasing domestic market demands. 


In order to meet the demands of OEM companies in the domestic market such as Tofaş and Renault, a fourth mass production line was established.


The computer-controlled coating facility was commissioned by our Turkish engineers and test studies were initiated.


With the initiative of our own engineers, a new bushing production line project was handled and the work to establish the line has been started.


ISO 14001:2004 Enviroment Management System certificate has been obtained.


Thrust and Bushing line Capacities were increased.


  • The engine test machine was commissioned which can examine: maximum loads,  maximum operating temperatures and bench mark tests.

  • Modernized flange bearing line was commissioned.


  • Mold design was made for thrust bearing production and a 250-ton press was commissioned.


  • OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate was obtained.

  • Optical emission spectrometer investment was made within the scope of technology improvement studies in the chemistry laboratory.


  • Our company celebrated its 60th anniversary.

  • The state-of-the-art Miba transfer line was commissioned, and with this line, the first step was taken to enter the heavy commercial segment by gaining bed processing capacity up to 135 mm diameter.

  • An automatic press and driver investment was made to produce heavy commercial motor bearings more efficiently.

  • A laser marking machine was designed and commissioned in order to make special mattress markings.

  • ISO 10002: 2014 Customer Complaints Management System Certificate was obtained.


  • A test platform was designed to test new type bearing samples and bearing life tests on the vehicle were started. For the bearings belonging to the 1.5 K9K DCI motor, our test vehicle with 110 HP has been completed with the highest torque 150.000 km operation test, and the test of our bearings has been successfully completed.

  • The automatic sanding robot, whose design work was completed, was commissioned.


  • Advanced Conical Bushings Production Line was built.


Company status has changed as a incorporated company. It was bought in the same period on the land where its factory is located.


The second mass production line was purchased from GMC and the capacity was increased from 2.5 million to 4.5 million units.


  • 100.000 Perkins engines production agreement was signed with the Uzel company.  Tractor group and an opening was made to export markets.

  • With the establishment of the export department, exports to 42 countries started.

  • Bushing production started with the knowledge and skills of Turkish engineers.


Total quality understanding was adopted and a certificate of conformity to ISO 9002 standard was obtained.


  • QS-9000 certificate was received. In this context, laboratories for quality control were established and modernization works started.

  • The mass thrustwasher line was put into operation by applying new systems and production of eccentric bearings and clamped bushing started at the same time.


ISO TS 16949: 2002 certificate, which is the Quality Management System of the world automotive industry was obtained. In addition, the management and administration of the company is based on the management concept with ISO 16949 targets.


Highly efficient production line assembly designed by our engineers.


  • New engine bearings line was commissioned, and capacity was increased.

  • Our specially designed engine bearings boring and countersinking machine was accepted as a TÜBİTAK project.

  • New revisions of ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 certificates were passed.


  • The bimetal bronze strip, raw material plant started production in Izmir.

  • In order to increase the coating variety, a new high-tech coating line was commissioned.

  • Work started on the Total Quality Project.


A centerless grinding machine was commissioned for high precision bushing production.


  • The molding room section was modernized and the mold manufacturing capacity doubled with 4 new benches.

  • The automatic lubrication line design for the coating section was completed and commissioned.

  • The R&D department was separated from engineering and structured as the R&D Department.

  • R&D laboratory was established

  • In this context, a new technology cutting-polishing device was purchased for the metallography laboratory to examine advanced technology coating types and engine bearings.

  • Environmentally friendly green series products were put on the market.


Our new PVD (Sputter Bearing) facility was commissioned.

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