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To be a company that designs engine bearings by itself and produces engine bearings belonging to high-performance high-tech engines with its own special raw material.



Our mission is to protect local and global values by protecting nature in a corporate corporate identity; to adopt a self-renewing, dynamic, open and competitive strategy; To create common values for our employees, customers and shareholders and to maximize Şahin's position in the market as a reliable brand.



To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction,

To meet the goals of the automotive strategy document,

To produce zero defective products in the concept of total quality.


Standard product management and standard service understanding

Unchanging standard in quality


- Flexibility in production

Engine bearings of all sizes for all types of vehicles


- Correct Use of Resources

Conscious and efficient production


- Team spirit

We instead of me


- Solid Relations

Service support companies, our customers, our company team and our partners


- Credibility

Reliable manufacturer, reliable brand


- Customer happiness

Quality control and after-sales service at every stage


- Environmental awareness

Contribution beyond protecting the environment

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