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Engine Bearing is a sensitive and important part that carries the loads on the crankshaft used in the engines and ensures that the crank can be used for a long time by preventing its deterioration.


Bearings Types:


Main Bearing: Bearings that carry the crankshaft  radial loads.


Rod Bearing: Intermediate parts that are connected to the piston rod that transmits the piston movement to the crankshaft.Since it carries the load of Piston push back special coatings are usually required on the Rod Bearings. Such as SMY 's TMAX Sputter Coatings.


Thrust Bearings (Thrust Washers ): Thrust washers  limit the axial travel of the crankshaft. 


Bushings: Used inside the Piston below hole or in the camshafts  Bush helps to reduce the part wear by providing bedding to the shaft.