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Klasik Ürünler, firmamızın kuruluşundan bu yana kullanılan,

yatak ve motor sektörünün dünya standardı haline gelmiş Bronzda SAE 794 ve SAE 49 ve Alüminyum bazlı ürünlerde SAE 788 ve SAE 783 standartlarında malzemelerden üretilen ürünlerdir. 

ClassicProducts are products that have been used since the establishment of our company and have become the world standard of the bearing and motor industry, produced from materials in the standards of SAE 794 - SAE 49 in Bronze and SAE 788 - SAE 783 in aluminum-based products.


Bronze-based bearings are obtained by the electrolyte coating method beyond the difference of the material, and their application places differ according to crank and engine types compared to aluminum bearings. Which material should be suitable for the type of motor in applications; The type of crankshaft used and the material compatibility, whether the engine is diesel or gasoline, engine load, temperature and operating conditions vary depending on the factors. You can always request support from our Sales and After Sales Teams on the subject.


These products, which have become the world standards of the engine bearing industry, are preferred due to their low cost. They are known as Blue Box in the market. It is suitable for use in Euro 1, 2 and below engines that do not require an old type of overload.

You can review our template, which contains the power and performance values ​​of our classic products.

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